About NL

What is NebulousLounge?

Since I could recall, I’ve wanted to create a website that would leave a positive virtual footprint. This website would need to embody my personality and interests, but also provide a forum for others to share their thoughts. However, as I began to embrace technology and the variations of content I could share, I started to realize that my goal of creating a single website would never capture the true essence of who I am. NebulousLounge represents more than a website to me. It represents a personal journey that chronicles over 19-years of learning and growth.

History of NebulousLounge

NebulousLounge was first launched in 1999 and has seen several purposes over the years. The following list demonstrates the many facets of the site over the years …

  • (1999) – I first launched NebulousLounge as an entertainment service, providing a 24/7 streaming audio channel of my favorite songs, while also experimenting with video feeds and downloads. The focus quickly turned to music, and I began to offer a library of music that could be requested by a user during a live-audio feed every Wednesday at 9pm EST. This interactive approach quickly grew in popularity and I ended up increasing my resources to allow for a weekly request service, which brought nearly 5,000 unique visitors to my site on a monthly basis.
  • (2001) – With a continued focus on music, I created a database that cataloged my inventory of music files with the purpose of creating custom playlists through my music stream. I also had a custom option through my Creative Mindz solution that would allow a user to build a playlist to burn onto CD. This was well before the RIAA became a governing factor of what can be done with music files.
  • (2003) – Changing gears a bit, I used NebulousLounge to launch a new domain, NSL League, which provided on-line PC baseball gamers with an opportunity to track and record their stats in a league format. My points system was a homegrown access database that uploaded stats onto my website using a SQL command. Simplicity was a large selling point to potential members, which peaked at 245 members during its prime.
  • (2005)– Thinking a bit outside of the conventional design, I converted NebulousLounge into a forum based website, concentrating on technology news and events. I used Blogger as my primary site and built a small following of about 50 dedicated readers. Though they weren’t the largest group on the web, the content they all provided was second to none.
  • (2006)– I returned back to the original roots of entertainment, revamping the site from the ground up. The site was built using CSS, which allowed me to create multiple webpages for music, movies, videos and art. I partnered with DeviantArt.com to showcase their most popular work on my site. I also focused on Japanese animation wallpaper, which quickly made my site a primary search result in Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • (2007)– With my volunteer work increasing, I created another domain called NebulousMinds, which focused on educating all walks of life on technology basics. I used this site to share presentations and how-to guides on several PC related topics that are still being used by multiple reference sites today.
  • (2008) – Becoming a father was a wonderful thing, and I wanted to share every moment of it with my friends and family. As such, I added another domain to the mix, which showcased the life and times of my wonderful son. The multiple picture galleries and video content made this site a huge attraction.
  • (2009-2015)– A majority of my time with the site these past few years has been dedicated to my volunteer work.  What started as TechKnowNation.com quickly reemerged as the newfound purpose of NebulousLounge. Not only was I able to continue using the site for my original NYC commitment, but I was able to use the site as a portal to connect students from NYC and Atlanta into a single format.  This was by far one of the more fulfilling uses for the site and has continued to inspire me to want to do more in the volunteer space.
  • (2016) – I am now ready to share my total experiences by transforming the website once again. I’ve learned that creativity cannot be contained and that my passion to teach and inspire others to love and embrace technology in a positive manner will be my new platform.  Welcome to NebulousLounge.