How Socially Secure Are You?

Last week I kicked off my summer program with a lesson in social awareness, introducing my students to the idea of being responsible when using various platforms.  This week we discussed social security, not the government related retirement kind, but the concept of knowing who and what has access to the information you share.Facebook_SecuritySettings

It seems like every week there is a new scam or advisory to be aware of with social media.  Don’t accept this, don’t share that, don’t click there, don’t open that. It’s a never ending cycle that creates this paranoia monster that feeds on misinformation, which creates an environment where all the things you were meant to do with social apps suddenly become dangerous.

When’s the last time you looked at your security settings on your social apps?  If your answers match “it’s been a while”, “not in some time” or my favorite “why would I look at those settings?” then you have a lot more in common with the students I teach than you may realize.  The reality is that it’s not uncommon to simply ignore these settings once you’ve gone through the initial setup process. I mean, why would you constantly go back into these apps to view your settings?  That’s complicated and time consuming, which is exact opposite of the design and use of these apps.

Think about it, it probably takes you less time to post, tweet and like social content in a single sitting than it does to go through the security settings of a single app.  Why bother?

Would you want a private moment to become public?  An inside joke to become a known to all?  Odds are you said probably not, which is exactly why you should bother with reviewing your settings.  You take the time to review these settings because you want to make sure what you share on social media is meant for the intended audience.  You take the time to review because you may not want those moments in time meant for your friends and family to be turned into the latest viral video or meme.

Next week, we’re going to shift gears a bit and start to look at how employers are now using social media as a means to do a preliminary background check on their candidates. Is it right? fair? legal?  All great questions that are up for debate, but it’s still happening regardless it will be good to share some thoughts and some stories I’ve collected along the way.

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